a mini-garden with private terrace

The flat is located on the ground floor with direct access to a private garden and in the immediate vicinity of the wellness zone and the fireplace room. It measures 45 square metres, up to 4 people can spend their holidays here.


towards the Swiss origin

The Georg-Otto flat faces north-west and thus looks towards the Toggenburg valley in Switzerland, from where our great-great-grandfather Georg-Otto married into South Tyrol in the middle of the 19th century and became governor of Tyrol and trade minister of the Danube monarchy.


Family ties

The furniture comes from the old family collection. Upcycling at its best. The flat is decorated in blue. The artistic wallpapers come from my sister’s creative laboratory.


NATURAL dreaming

The handmade beds are not only sustainable but also barrier-free. Organic mattresses and natural bed linen add to the luxury of sleep. The electrosmog barrier offers additional relief for the body. And the delicate horse-drawn carriages that flit across the wallpaper whisk the mind away to deep sleep. Those who don’t want to sleep go to their own terrace or private garden.


with wallpapers of my sister

Fish swim across the walls of the completely barrier-free bathroom in wood look.

Kitchen-living room

fully equipped

The blue kitchen has everything you need for cooking. Plus a cosy sitting area, dining table, work area etc. The wallpaper shows riders and their horses.

Georg-Otto & Paul

Book the ground floor exclusively

You can also book the entire ground floor for yourself, as the Georg-Otto and Paul flats can be combined by opening a wide connecting door. In this version, you (up to a maximum of 8 people) have the exclusive use of:

Flat plans

You can also book the entire Haus Himmelfahrt exclusively! In this “We are family” variant, you and your group (up to a maximum of 16 people) have exclusive use of:

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