What the House Himmelfahrt offers

What the House Himmelfahrt offers

29. March 2021 2023-09-12 9:30
Far off the beaten tourist track we offer,

what we have on our doorstep every day:

A magnificent landscape, plenty of peace and quiet, nature, an ancient summer freshening tradition and much more:

Reviving the "world of yesterday"

The summer freshness and family tradition

As early as the 16th century, the citizens of Bozen began to build villa-like summer houses on the extreme vantage point of the high plateau “Ritten” in order to escape the heat in the Bozen valley basin. In the 17th century, this summer resort culture picked up speed and later shaped the Belle Époque throughout Europe. The Toggenburg family moved to South Tyrol from the Toggenburg valley in Switzerland almost 200 years ago. The 4 holiday apartments are dedicated to the last 4 generations: Assunta, Paul, Friedrich and Georg-Otto. The family’s guests included writers, princesses, secret agents, Freemasons, ministers and artists. Even the most powerful wizard in Middle-earth, Saruman (aka Sir Christopher Lee), has signed the guest list on the cheeks of our guest rooms. More about tradition here.

Holiday in a sustainable way

Our 360 degree SDG orientation

We are not 100% SDG compliant. But 360 degrees oriented towards the UN sustainability goals! From large investments such as the new pellet heating system to small things such as glasses recycled from old bottles, climate-positive bed linen, organic mattresses, our kitchen utensils – we try to live sustainability everywhere. This also applies to everyday little things such as the type of cleaning and detergent used. By choosing the House Himmelfahrt you can improve your sustainability balance. More about our in-house sustainability concept can be found here.

Wheelchair users welcome

Our 36 accessibility measures

Not to come up high stairs with the buggy. As an elderly person to be annoyed about stumbling blocks. Cannot use the kitchen or bathroom with a wheelchair. All of these inconveniences are a thing of the past at House Himmelfahrt. We have planned accessibility from the very beginning. There are no barriers on the way to accessibility except those in the head and here too we can perhaps make a small contribution with House Himmelfahrt. More information about our concept and the 36 measures can be found here.


Our studio

The mini studio consists of a caravan made of shingle wood, from which the view of the Sciliar opens up. Here our mother Assunta used to paint regularly and was inspired by the legacy of her grandfather, the famous American sculptor Herbert Haseltine. Art lovers and creative people can imitate Assunta and give free rein to their talents and ideas in the garden studio. Paper and paint are available.

Home office with (group) holiday

Our seminar room & Co

Holidays and work can be ideally combined in House Himmelfahrt. Video conferences are neither interrupted by gaps in Internet reception, nor is there a lack of WLAN reception outdoors. Print jobs can be sent to the in-house printer via the network. A fully equipped seminar room including a projector, moderation case, home cinema and communal kitchen is available and makes House Himmelfahrt the ideal retreat for small group retreats.

Deep relaxation at an altitude of 1200 meters

Our wellness zone

Tired of visiting the Rittner Horn (2,260m), the nearby earth pyramids or Lake Wolfsgruben? Exhausted from a stroll through the capital Bolzano/Bozen, which can be reached in a 12-minute cable car ride? Then off to the wellness area. In the basement there is a Finnish sauna, water bed, lounger, shower, toilet, infrared lounger, fitness equipment, tea kitchen. Everything in sustainable equipment, accessible by elevator and usable without barriers.

dreaming in the green

Our garden

An extensive garden between House Himmelfahrt and the family chapel “Maria Einsiedeln” from the 18th century offers enough space to linger, ponder, read, and just be. Dreamy, cozy corners for contemplative retreat can be found as well as play opportunities for children.

Swings with a view

Relaxation terrace

Lazing around with and on the level: this is pre-programmed on our huge wooden terrace on the first floor. Anyone who loves old rocking chairs in the Viennese Thonet style has come to the right place. The same applies to lovers of traditional hot tubs – simply immerse yourself in the relaxing warmth. Here, with a glass of wine, you can really let the summer evening come to an end in complete cosiness.

The children's world

Children's pavilion and toys

In each of the 4 apartments there are historical toys such as a wooden rocking horse or a vintage pedal car. In the garden there is a small pavilion where children can be alone and find other toys. The garden offers enough space to run around in a safe environment.

Not without my cat

Our pet culture

The House Himmelfahrt was formerly a stable building. We currently only have one dog and one cat. When our mother Assunta was active, she lived in House Himmelfahrt – in addition to the horses – also with countless other animals. There was everything from monkeys to llamas. We do not want to deny this Noah’s Ark tradition and therefore do not charge any additional fees for pets. Of course, on the condition that our guests ensure that their animals are not a burden to others. Of course, caution and consideration make animal-human coexistence much easier.


Care beds & Co

In Germany alone, almost 7 million care for a relative at home. 2 of our 4 holiday apartments have fully equipped care beds. Hand-made Swiss stone pine beds that ensure motorized functionality despite the aesthetics. Accessories such as side tables, sit-on aids, wheelchairs, anti-decubitus pads, etc. can be made available as required.

being completely autonomous

Self-sufficiency made easy

Each of the 4 holiday apartments is equipped with a hand-made kitchen. The kitchens are kept in the respective main colour of the apartment and have a stove, 2-burner induction surface, refrigerator, tea maker, coffee machine, etc. The kitchens are wheelchair accessible and barrier-free. The kitchenware, which is kept in the respective apartment colours, is sustainable and was made by people with disabilities in the Oberlausitzer workshops.
A common workroom allows all guests to use washing machines, dryers, ironing boards and work sinks.

Not enough inspiration yet?

If you can’t yet imagine your break, take a look at our picture gallery – this landscape says more than a thousand words!

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